Mandom - Lucido Speedy Color Rinse - 2 Types

Brand from Japan: Mandom. Speedy dyeing prescription that applies after shampooing and penetrates the hair in just 3 minutes. Every time you use it, the gray hair becomes less noticeable, and you can easily and naturally care for gray hair. Speedy dyeing is possible by the combination of the conditioning component which does not interfere with dyeing, and the two unique techniques of newly formulating the dye which dyes the hair well but not the skin. Contains 3 kinds of treatment ingredients (penetrable amino acid, collagen, seaweed extract) to handle the hair. Gives elasticity from the inside of the hair and leads it to a hair with stiff and stiff. How to use: Take a towel after shampooing. Take an appropriate amount (about half the golf ball with short hair) and apply it to the entire hair, centering on the gray hair part. Leave as it is for 3 minutes. It is more effective with more time. Then rinse well shampoo is not required. Wipe clean with a towel that does not matter if it becomes dirty. Pack Size - 160g

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